Future Forward: Your look at upcoming programs, new features, and future availabilities.

Posted by Elissa Beaudoin

As we enter the new year, Diamondback is dedicated as always to fulfilling your current market needs as well as guiding you through future ones. This is your reference into new features we are working hard to implement in the near future to reach those exact goals.

Future Programs

Distributor Loyalty Program: Our top distributors will be listed on our site and referred to potential B2B customers, and given higher discount levels and quarterly gifts.

Diamondback Charitable Program: Dedicating both dollar donations and proceeds of certain sales to organizations that support and lift up our communities.

Product Availabilities

Boosted Stock: Increasing levels of stock for a faster turnaround time and availability even when other suppliers can't accommodate.

Eco-Focused Product Line: Offering both eco-friendly products as well as giving our contract service clients' decorating options that align with their eco-conscious goals.

Account Assistance

New Team of Account Managers: Addition of account specialists that are dedicated to understanding your needs, keeping you informed on best products and deals, as well as keeping your account details up-to-date.

Marketing Materials: Giving you better marketing tools to help sell to your clients with even more ease. All material is easily accessible, downloadable, and ready to share.

We are very excited to add these structures to our company model to better service your needs. We look forward to continuing to evolve these resources to make sure your partnership with us gives you the most return for the least amount of effort.

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