Drop-shipping is a great way to save time and money when multiple locations are needed on orders.

We can process small and large orders, and have no limit on number of locations. Using this service also gives you more piece of mind that your packages will arrive safely and on schedule.

Here are some important things to know about our drop-shipping services:

 Each location is $5 with your first 2 locations being free. We also offer tiered pricing, so larger quantity orders can expect to pay less per location.

▪ Our fees includes boxes.

▪ We also offer kitting services which can be combined into drop-shipping locations for an additional fee.


Kitting is a great and easy way for distributors to add a personal touch to their orders. Whether you would like to include an individualized card with each order or package different products together, we offer many different kitting options which are listed below. 

Paper Kit

pricing starting at $1.00 per unit

Inludes the option of placing a paper item, such as a card or sticker, into the order.

Placement Kit

pricing starting at $2.00 per unit

Includes the option of placing a paper item, such as a card or sticker, into the order with specific instructions. This could include actually placing a sticker on a determined area of the product or package, or even placing a card in a specific orientation or area within the package. This also includes if a personalized card is required to go with a specific product.

3 and Under Kit

pricing starting at $3.00 per unit

Our most popular kitting option, this includes the bundling of three items or more.

Large Kit

pricing starting at $5.00 per kit

This kitting option is great for distributors who want to include several promo items purchased with us as well as smaller, more personalized items specific to customers. 

For more information on drop-shipping and kitting pricing, email our customer service team with your project details.

Email for Quote

It is important to note that several different factors, such as size, weight, and special quantity instructions, will affect the pricing for different kitting options. Due to this, we ask our customers to fill out the provided template with their selected drop-shipping, kitting, or combination of both so our team responsible for processing your request can send you an accurate quote. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting orders@diamondbackbranding.com