Company Policies

Company Policies


Last revision: August 2023



Unless otherwise specified, orders placed with Diamondback Branding are considered “finalized” once we have received the following items (where applicable) - purchase order, all required information and files, prepayment, and proof approval. 

Our turn times depend on the brand of product that is ordered varying from 2-4 weeks. All projected turn times provided are estimates and are subject to change at any time based on stock availability and other prevailing circumstances.

Orders and approvals submitted after 3pm will be processed the following business day.




We offer multiple shipping methods including USPS, UPS, and freight delivery. Orders ship via UPS Ground by default, but in select circumstances USPS, FedEx, or an LTL Freight carrier may be used instead. For some orders, if no specific carrier is requested, the carrier will be determined during the fulfillment process that best suits the order. 

Shipping costs are calculated post-order. The order contents, shipping address, packaging requirements, required shipping method, and current shipping rates all determine the final shipping cost.  Estimates cannot be provided for less-than-truckload (LTL) freight, which cannot be calculated until the order is produced and prepared for shipment. Shipping rates fluctuate and may vary between orders.


We accept 3rd party shipping accounts upon request. On orders under $500, a $5 fee will be charged.  On orders over $500, a $10 fee will be charged.  Provide your account number, the carrier, and desired shipping method when submitting your order. For 3rd party LTL orders, a $25 per pallet fee will be charged for palletization. 

Any shipping delays caused by the shipping company are not the responsibility of Diamondback Branding.

If there are any concerns with your order after it has been delivered, please notify the courier BEFORE accepting delivery and/or signing for it. Examples include UPS being unable to deliver your shipment on time due to bad weather, UPS delivering your box to the incorrect address (despite providing the proper one), not receiving your products on time, and damaged packaging or products.
If the package is damaged, it must be indicated on the proof of delivery before signing for acceptance. The carrier will not accept a claim if the damage is not stated on the POD, and the item(s) cannot be replaced. Diamondback Branding has blanket carrier insurance and will replace lost or damaged orders up to the limits of our policy.  

We do offer special shipping options including kitting and drop shipping directly to customers. We offer drop shipping upon request at no additional cost for up to two different delivery addresses. A $5 service fee will incur on each additional address. Please reach out to Customer Service regarding kitting services and fees.  

We do not ship to US territories outside of the contiguous United States (*U.S. Territories include American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, North Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).




Orders are final as submitted, and changes may not always be possible, but select pre-production change requests may be honored at our sole discretion.

Product changes made to an existing order will restart the fulfillment process and turn time, starting from the proof approval or update completion. The only changes accepted once production has begun are shipping updates for which any fees incurred will be billed to the customer. 

Any changes made after stock procurement or proof approval will incur a 20% processing/restocking fee. Changes prompted and required by Diamondback due to unforeseen circumstances (ex. stock outages, invalid addresses, etc.) shall be exempt from such fees, determined at our discretion.




The customer is responsible for sourcing and shipping stock products to us for all Contract Branding services. Purchase orders for Contract Branding services should be submitted and processed before any items are shipped to Diamondback.

Diamondback does not accept responsibility or offer coverage for products sent for Contract Branding, nor any defects, damage, or other physical, functional, or aesthetic deficiencies they possess upon arrival. Discovery and/or notification of such issues is not guaranteed.

Tracking information is required for all incoming Contract Branding stock shipments. Failure to provide tracking may result in delays or shipment refusal/return.

Laser Engraving, Digital UV Printing and Vinyl Printing is an art form. We do our very best to deliver, at minimum, the ordered quantity for each order. However, branding mistakes happen, machines misfire, products arrive with dents or scratches from the manufacturer. For that reason, we do have a 1% margin of error. All orders within the margin of error allowance will be considered acceptable for delivery. For contract services, we highly recommend you send extra units with each order. Diamondback Branding will not, at any time, be responsible for any lost profits on items shorted from your order if requested.

Products outside of our catalog or typical product range may require a test sample at additional cost to verify suitability for decoration, provided at the customer’s expense and risk.The resulting test product and decoration does not include a satisfaction guarantee or warranty of any kind.

The turn time for Contract Orders is 7-10 business days from the order being finalized AND the product being received in our warehouse.



Any product stock being held in our Warehouse will incur the following fees:

    • $50 per pallet per month
    • $25 less than pallet per month


Please contact our support team within 14 days from delivery regarding any product issues, and we’ll review and determine any potential options for resolution. This may require additional photos, details, action, or payment, and refusal of this request will void all coverage.

Diamondback Branding does not accept returns or exchanges for any reason, but defects and damage are covered for 14 days from delivery pending confirmation. The entire shipment (items, packaging, and labels) must be kept, and additional photos, details, or action may be required.

Coverage shall not extend beyond the 14 day coverage window; to products sold or given away; nor issues originating after delivery. The existence, cause, and resolution of any issues is at the sole discretion of Diamondback Branding, handled on a case-by-case basis.

Laser Engraving, Digital UV Printing and Vinyl Printing is an art form. We do our very best to deliver, at minimum, the ordered quantity for each order. However, branding mistakes happen, machines misfire, products arrive with dents or scratches from the manufacturer. For that reason, we do have a 1% margin of error. All orders within the margin of error allowance will be considered acceptable for delivery.





Payment Requirements & Options

Excluding existing net terms, prepayment is required for all orders immediately upon invoicing, and proofing & fulfillment begin once payment is complete. 

Invoices are sent after order confirmation, once all documents are received. Shipping and other fees may be added during fulfillment, and a revised invoice sent for secondary payment, due immediately. Delayed payments will hold or delay orders, voiding any in-hands date.

The following payment options are available:

    • credit/debit card  (3% CC processing fee)
    • physical check* 
    • automated clearing house (ACH) 
    • approved net payment terms (“net” for short)

* Check payments are considered complete once physically received and processed by our billing team.

The following payment options are not available: 

electronic/photo checks,  payment services (PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, etc.) fiat currency cryptocurrency money orders


Net Accounts

Net payment terms require application and subsequent terms agreement. All payment terms are subject to initial and ongoing approval.  A minimum spend of $15,000 and 3 sales orders per calendar quarter is required to qualify for and maintain terms.

All net terms orders totaling $20,000 or more require 50% prepayment before proofing & fulfillment begin. The remainder is invoiced upon order completion and due as per the account’s net agreement. 


Billing, Fees, and Refunds

A singular 3% card processing fee applies to all orders paid in any portion via credit/debit card*. If an order is paid via check or ACH, the 3% fee will be removed from the order.

Credit card fees are non-refundable, in the event of paying with a credit card as a hold prior to paying with a check or ACH. In these circumstances, the refund will be less credit card fees.

*Applies to both prepayment and net terms orders
All payment returns must be processed via refund to the original payment source only, or converted into a Sales Credit within our sales platform and is valid for 180 days, which may then be used toward any other payment due. Once a Sales Credit is created, the funds may no longer be refunded, and must be manually applied to an order by contacting our Client Support team. Sales Credits cannot be used for orders placed online via




Please refer to the care specifications provided by the manufacturer (i.e. brand name) for any product ordered. Brand names are listed on our site, quotes, and invoices, but any questions can be directed to our Client Support team. For some products, product decoration may void any manufacturer-provided warranty, if applicable.


Diamondback Branding is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as, color and paint inconsistencies, product manufacturing errors, (example: loose fitting lids). We inspect the products for damage and major defects during the branding process, but smaller issues may be missed, and many are subjective.


Individual product packaging and presentation is subject to change without notice, and cannot be guaranteed for any order unless provided by the customer. Diamondback Branding is not responsible for packaging or presentation changes occurring at any time. If specific packaging is needed, kitting services for client-provided packaging may be available upon request for a nominal fee.



Stock is ordered on-demand, per-order, with select exceptions (canceled/incorrect stock orders, product samples, etc.), but for most orders, availability is only confirmed once we’re fulfilling your finalized order, and thus stock is subject to change at any time, and never guaranteed.

For all products, no live or detailed inventory information is available, only the estimated stock status (available/unavailable, without quantities) is available upon request for most brands.

YETI products are outsourced to YETI, and limited availability information is available, as YETI stock fluctuates rapidly.

In any case, Diamondback Branding is not responsible or liable for changes in stock availability at any point within the ordering & fulfillment process. If stock becomes unavailable for an existing order, we will notify you and provide a range of options to resolve the issue, but we are not liable for any loss (financial or otherwise) related to stock issues or delays on time-sensitive orders.