Updates to Policies, Fees, Payments, and Shipping


In efforts to keep our product prices as competitive as possible, we are implementing a small subset of fees for certain requests. Examples include credit card processing, product storage, and third party shipping dues. Please note that not all orders will incur additional charges. You are welcome to pay via ACH or check without any fees. You will also not pay any surcharge for shipping with us, rather than your own account.


We have also taken this opportunity to perform a comprehensive review of our pricing. As a result, we have lowered the cost of a number of services. Examples include additional imprint, full wrap print, and personalization.


Our policy updates are as follows:

  • 3% CC fee added to orders - if paying with ACH or Check, fee will be removed
  • Holding Fees
    • $50 per pallet per month
    • $25 less than pallet per month
  • 3rd Party Handling Fees
    • $5 fee on orders less than $500
    • $10 fee on orders more than $500
    • $25 fee per pallet for LTL orders
  • Additional Location Fees
    • lowered to $5 on drinkware for additional imprint
    • lowered to $10 on coolers for additional imprint
    • lowered to $6 for full wraps on drinkware (only available on certain units)


Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work to maintain partnerships and keep prices low.