2023 Backwoods Pursuit Top Camping Coolers

The team at Backwood Pursuits pulled out all the stops to run a truly objective test on 16 of the highest rated camping coolers. They conducted their tests in a controlled environment and set each cooler up identically, even down to how many times the coolers were opened each day. The coolers performance is based and segmented on different factors like the size, safest for meat, best for beverages, best ice retention before going into the best physical features. A few of our coolers were some of the top performers. 

Coming out on top with some of the higher rankings was the Blue Cooler 60 QT Ice Vault. With airtight gaskets and seals, this cooler performed well for keeping drinks cold, safely storing meat, and maintaining internal temperature stability. The Blue Cooler exceeded expectations for the Backwoods team and was a pleasant surprise with its overall performance and ice retention. Add on the other features like the pressure release utility port and chrome plated lockable lid with built-in bottle opener, this cooler stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. 

Two RTIC coolers made the cut as the best coolers to choose from including the Ultra Light 52 QT and the RTIC 65 QT. Voted the best cooler for day beach trips, fishing excursions or road trips, the RTIC Ultra Light 52 QT cooler outshines other basic coolers. After testing the Backwoods team found that the Ultra Light maintained the lowest average temperature of 37.7 degrees thanks to its freezer style lid gasket and 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation. The RTIC 65 QT cooler virtually indestructible roto molded construction was voted as a great value with fantastic performance without the high price tag compared to other premium brands. 

The Grizzly 75 QT cooler was rated one of the best coolers in the list for its size. Overall this cooler ranked will for safely storing meat, maintaining solid ice for over 5 days and having some of the best latch systems. This USA made cooler is IGBC certified which is perfect for protecting your food and meat from lone bears wandering the woods. The Bearclaw latch system is an exclusive design that retains a bear grip on the lid but is easy to use and open when you’re ready to fill it up or take something out.

Our last cooler that earned high ratings is the ORCA 80 QT. Voted one of the best for its size, this durable, roto-molded cooler retains ice and cool temps for your drinks, meat, and snacks. The cargo net attachment, two baskets, and three dividers can be mixed and matched depending on your storage needs. Customize your storage style based off of the trip you're taking or weekend events you are attending. The latches are easy to open and noted as one of the best latches from Backwoods along with RTIC and Grizzly. The overall opinion on this cooler is that it’s well-built, does well with retaining the lowest temperatures, and loved that it’s USA made.