A Word from Will - Our Official Partnership with YETI

I am excited to announce that Diamondback Branding is now an Authorized YETI Customization Dealer. This is a big move for us, so I wanted to share what changes you can expect to see.

As of today, and moving forward, our minimums on YETI drinkware will be increased from 24 units to 48 units. You can mix sizes and colors to get to the 48-unit MOQ if there are at least 6 units per size/color. For example, you can purchase 24-20oz Black and 24-30oz White.

FREE SHIPPING to one location. All orders will ship ground for free to one location. Any orders requiring split shipping to multiple locations, specific labels and/or packing requirements, or expedited on a third-party account will be shipped to our warehouse and distributed from there.

FULL YETI manufacturers warranty. All YETI drinkware sold by Diamondback will be engraved by YETI and backed by the full replacement warranty. YETI will even re-engrave any item that is turned in for a warranty claim. We will no longer be offering printing on YETI drinkware, sold by us.

TURN TIME has always been one of our selling points. Unfortunately, over the past few years as we grew and stretched our supply chain, our turn time has increased, although our recent move will help with those aspects. Average turn time from PO to shipping will be 3-4 weeks. Although our in-house production crew can move product much faster than that, we often struggled to obtain stock before due dates. I believe this partnership will benefit our customers and end- greatly.

Seasonal Colors and YETI Exclusive Products. We now have access to all listed YETI colors and products and will be getting inventory reports to ensure that orders placed will be processed in the timeline needed.

Due to supply chain disruptions, we are temporarily unable to access YETI hard or soft coolers. We are hoping this will be resolved later this year or early next year.

In effort to align our policies to keep orders and proofs consistent we have placed a Side 1 branding policy in place, effective today. That means that all drinkware products must be branded on the predetermined Side 1 before branding the back side (Side 2).

Pre-Production samples will still be available at standard pricing +$25 under MOQ fee. However, because we want the samples to match the final run. YETI pre-pros will also take 3 weeks on average to process.

We are constantly expanding our brand partnerships and product line. We understand that some YETI orders may no longer fall within the policies listed above, and because of this partnership we will not be able to bend the minimums or turn time.

We here at Diamondback are advocates of brand diversity and would be happy to suggest similar products from other manufacturers that would better align with your minimum, branding method, or turn time.

I sincerely hope that you see this new journey as beneficial as we do, and I personally thank you for your business.

William Lovelace

Founder & CEO

Diamondback Branding LLC