Difficult Times Call for Kind Measures

Difficult Times Call for Kind Measures

If you're someone who breathes oxygen right now, you know that the past few months have been the worst. For some, this might be the most trying time ever experienced. We've seen an economic downturn, mass panic, job losses, and worst of all, the loss of many lives. We have become acquainted with loneliness and struggle and adapted our lives hoping to find some shred of normalcy. But this isn't where the story begins either. No, our story begins with a blistering day in Central Texas where a company wasn't breaking records or winning awards and recognition, they were simply trying.

We are no stranger to Hungry Souls, a non-profit organization located right here in Austin Texas, whose main purpose is to feed children who don't know where their next meal will come from. In the past, we have donated over a hundred tumblers, mugs, and other drinkware, as well as several coolers with their logo printed on them. So when Chris King, the executive director of Hungry Souls, reached out to his friend of half a decade and the owner of Diamondback Branding, Will Lovelace, with an off-brand request the answer we knew would already be yes. Hungry Souls requested a vinyl wrap for the van that they use to deliver meals to families in Austin. While we do have vinyl printers, we don't offer vehicle wrapping services, but we did that day. When people are in need, and especially people who do good for others, the answer, simply put, can't be "no". So our team of production artists, department heads, and managers worked in the blistering heat that only Texans know so well to make sure their vehicle had the proper design to ensure that anyone who may see it knows whom to contact if they too need some help. Was the design perfect? Absolutely not. The heat caused some stretching in places as well as some bubbles, but it would remain in place for years, act as a moving billboard, and help to serve a group of people who live to serve others. It wasn't perfect, no, but it was more than enough.

We are reflecting on this past story because Diamondback Branding has recently had the pleasure of interacting with Hungry Souls again. We partnered with an affiliate company called ASI who wanted to help others during this time. This company created a donation plan where every dollar our company donated, to a non-profit of our choice, would be matched with one of their dollars donated to Feeding America. Diamondback Branding was able to donate one-thousand dollars to Hungry Souls which will help feed hundreds of local children facing food scarcity due to Coronavirus. This also means that one-thousand matched dollars will be given to Feeding America which helps feed families across this nation.

Food scarcity isn't about just going hungry because hunger affects so many different parts of people's lives. For children, whose families who are experiencing financial or home troubles, food shortage can create problems with concentration and behavior as well as lead to poor educational performance and higher drop out rates. And for the families that may be experiencing hunger, it is likely they experience difficulties with other basic needs such as housing, employment, and healthcare. And as true as that was months ago, those hardships will become even more extreme with COVID-19. So if you are in a situation where you can give, even just a little, remember that van with a few bubbles and a misaligned sticker here and there. Because it's not about giving the most amount or thinking that what you can give doesn't matter. It's about simply doing what you can, and most importantly, trying.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of local children, please visit hungry-souls.org.

If you wish to donate to Feeding America follow our link here feedingamerica.org.

And to read about the generous company that created this opportunity, visit their blog here at asicentral.com.