Outdoor Life Names One of Our Brands Best Camping Mug

Summer season is upon us and that means everyone is making plans on where to vacation. We are always thoughtful here at Diamondback on providing products that best suit your client’s needs any time of the year. One of those activities is camping, with over 22% of U.S. households packing up their tents, rolling up their sleeping bags, and deciding what essentials to bring with them. We keep our ears to the ground about our products and strive to share feedback. 

Recently, Outdoor Life created a listicle of the best camping mugs of 2022, and one of our most popular products didn’t just make the cut, it earned Best Overall. When looking at what makes a camping mug high calibur, the 10 oz OtterBox Elevation Mug checks all the boxes. Compared to other competitors, this mug succeeded in look, functionality, and overall quality experience.  

The first major focus was temperature control with hot and cold drinks. Overall, the OtterBox performed well in keeping ideal drinking temperatures (even if it was a little too well) but with the longer rim, it made it easier to take slower sips. The double wall, insulated design keeps liquids at the right temperature with minimal faltering. While it did fall behind a competitor by 40 minutes with insulation power, the rest of the positive qualities made up for it. 

The lid design of the cup is able to prevent spillage, even at a 90 degree angle. Leaks and spills are of minimal concern, with a locking lid and a bottom heavy base that keeps the mug from tilting over and losing its contents. This mug is also easy to hand wash, which makes it the ideal camping companion. Designed without BPA/BPS, those clients that are more eco-conscious will gravitate towards this mug.

Read the full Outdoor Life article here.