Popular Mechanic Names One of Our Brands the Best

Some of the ways we strive to be more helpful to our distributors is by supplying you with both material and beneficial information to know when selling to your end clients. This could include statistics on products and their popularity, to the usefulness they contribute to different industries appearing in flyers, catalogs, and infographics. Information regarding the public’s feelings on certain products as well as reviews and opinions from other media outlets can be read here on our blogs.

Our first public opinion product is the OtterBox Elevation Growler, which comes in many different sizes, but we’ll be highlighting the 36 oz. Popular Mechanic recently wrote an article pitting our OtterBox product against other brands and found that it’s overall look, functionality, and quality easily made it the top choice for those wanting a larger, versatile vessel for hot or cold drinks. Here are three ways they put it to the test.

The first two aspects to be reviewed are the way the OtterBox Growler is designed and how well that design retains heat and cold. With its double-wall, insulated design including a copper lining, it contends with even the bigger brands focused on nothing but drink ware. After twenty-four hours it held its own in both hot and cold tests for degree changes   One setback listed was the size of this Growler, but Otterbox also makes this design in smaller ounce sizes as well. With this model’s size, it is likely that anyone cleaning with be able to fit their hand inside to make the job much more easily accomplished.

While the construction merely contends without edging itself into a direct winning place, there is one thing OtterBox does better than a lot of other brands which is options and accessories. The universal fit of the mouth has granted them the opportunity to make different lid options essentially transforming this already versatile product into many different ones. A thermos top allows you to carry this to a picnic or hiking, while hydration lid turns it into a water bottle. There is even an option for a shaker lid which can turn anyone into a makeshift bartender anywhere. Choose the classic closed lid for that familiar tumbler feel.

Read the full Popular Mechanic article here.